cloud server vs on premise server

Struggling to choose between cloud server or on-premise server? Here are the main (dis)advantages!

When a server at the office needs to be replaced, management faces a choice between continuing operations the “traditional” way – simply replacing the hardware and upgrading the software, introducing automation during the upgrade while continuing to run on hardware in-house, or transitioning the server’s role or application to Cloud Computing. The fact Cloud Computing brings a number of advantages to many large companies should be clear to anyone who has been observing the Infrastructure as a Service market over the past few years…

But what are the benefits of Cloud Computing for SMEs? What should we take into account if we want to make the switch? How do we approach this technically? Where are the points of attention? And can we learn from others who have already taken this step?

SMEs lack a clear overview of the costs, the benefits and challenges of a switch to Cloud Computing and a practical manual of how this can all be realized at the technical and management level.

That’s why I created the table below. To at least help to choose between a cloud server and a server on-premise.

Struggling to choose between cloud server or on premise server? Here are the main (dis)advantages