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What companies can benefit most from cloud computing?

There are many benefits of moving parts of your IT to the cloud. Like cost benefits, added flexibility and productivity. But what type of organizations benefit most from the advantages of cloud computing?

In my opinion the following types of (SME) companies will benefit most from the advantages of Cloud Computing:

Project organizations

When collaboration within a group is an important part of your processes, you can maximize the benefit from the advantages of Cloud Computing. Especially the possibility to edit and share documents with multiple users in real-time will lead to cost benefits.

Decentralized organizations

Are your colleagues on the road a lot or do you work with different locations across the country? Then the central storage of data and programs ensures that information is always available to virtually the entire organization.

Cost-conscious organizations

Cloud Computing eliminates the necessity to invest in an ICT project in advance. OK, everything still needs to be set up and adjusted, but at least the high costs of hardware and software are eliminated. This lowers the costs and makes you more flexible towards the future.

Growing organizations

Do you need more storage space? With backup? Does the memory need to be expanded to have a new program run properly? Are you gaining five new users next week? Cloud Computing offers the possibilities to add capacity immediately. Without requiring an additional investment. That being said the opposite is also true: with the cloud computing model scaling down is far more easy. So shrinking organizations would benefit too.