vCloud Director by Thinfactory

vCloud Director by Thinfactory is an IaaS (Infrastucture as a Servce) platform based on VMware technology operated by Thinfactory out of a number of secure datacenters in Belgium and The Netherlands. It provides a high-performance public and hybrid platform for deploying virtual servers that offers excellent price-performance characteristics with outstanding connectivity options in the Belgian and Dutch market.

The advantages of vCloud by Thinfactory


Close to home: A fast, well-connected, geo-local platform operated out of secure and broadly certified datacenters in Brussels and Amsterdam. The platform enables achieving compliance with regulatory and legal data locality requirements.


Scalable platform, controlled costs: The platform offers both pay-as-you-go and fixed models that ensure budgets are adhered to and surprises are eliminated.


Customizable to your needs: Specialty network connectivity options, customization options, advanced integration possibilities are all available.

vCloud by Thinfactory is ideally suited for customers which

Seek a customizable solution: Specialty network connectivity options, customization options, advanced integration possibilities are all available.

Have speciality connectivity needs (VPNs, private interconnects, etc.)

Wish to lift-and-shift existing VMWare-based environments into the cloud with minimal changes

Less suitable for

Customers with global provisioning requirements outside of Europe

Why vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director introduction
Tired Of Unpredictable Costs Of Other Big Cloud Platforms? But You Like The Flexibility To Manage All Aspects Of Your Virtual Datacenter Yourself?
vCloud Director by Thinfactory makes cloud infrastructure cost predictable and affordable again

Example of the interface

vCloud Director interface




 Elastic Virtual Datacenters

Easily create virtual data centers from common infrastructure to cater to heterogeneous enterprise needs. A policy-driven approach helps ensure enterprises have isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication, and fine-grained control.

 Thriving ISV Ecosystem

Leading software vendors across backup, DR, security, storage, and more natively integrate with vCloud Director. We empower cloud providers to deliver differentiated customer experiences and capture more service opportunities.

 Operational Visibility and Insights

A refreshed dashboard and single pane of glass provide centralized multi-tenant cloud management views. Leverage vRealize Operations advanced analytics, chargeback, and native integration into vCloud Director for deep visibility into enterprise environments.


With deep integration with leading automation tools such as vRealize Orchestrator, Terraform, and Cloud Provider Pod, Cloud Director enables cloud Provider to automate complex workflows and deploy a variety of services, all while maintaining access control and visibility.

Multi-Site Management

Stretch data centers across sites and geographies; monitor resources from an intuitive single-pane of glass with multi-site aggregate views.

 Data Center Extension and Cloud Migration

Enable simple, secure VM migration and data center extension with vCloud Availability. Allows for true hybridity, enterprise-driven workflows, seamless connectivity, and cold or warm migration options.

 Cloud-Native Applications and Development

vCloud Director natively supports K8S and PKS, providing an easy platform for developers to sandbox or deploy apps. More coming soon with Bitnami catalog integration