Getting your users in the cloud

For a new organization thinking about meeting its IT requirements, you are faced with questions such as “Which computers do we buy, and how do we secure them?”, “How do we get WiFi at the office?”, “What do we do about e-mail?”, “How do we share documents?”, or “How can we make our accounting software available to all the relevant employees, while keeping the data secure and the application available from the office and from home?”. 


Thinfactory can guide you in a structured manner toward choosing the optimal mix of cloud products, services and solutions from the extensive range of competing and overlapping offerings that are on the market today.

As a Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Copaco partner, Thinfactory can specify, architect new IT environments as well as migrate existing IT environments into cloud-based solutions including Microsoft 356, Office 365, Google Apps, and bespoke built-to-order solution of the Copaco 2tCloud infrastructure.